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We put people first; our commitment to innovation and consistently achieving higher results than the industry standard ensures your business stays ahead of the competition.

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Largest recruitment company in the world

Independently & family-owned

Branches worldwide

turnover in 2023

Companies trust PROMAN globally

Our Expertise

We supply a range of core sectors, from manufacturing to construction, and offer both core services 
and bespoke solutions to address the intricate differences between each sector. Our specialist teams 
have a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring they can provide a personalised solution for your business. 

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Global presence

PROMAN is Europe's 4th largest recruitment agency and ranked 13th worldwide. We are also the largest family owned, fully independent recruitment agency in France. Thanks to our network of over 900 branches across 16 countries, PROMAN offers a global service on a local scale across temporary, permanent and contract recruitment. 


Trusted by GLOBAL businesses 

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