“Setting the standard of recruitment with The PROMAN Standard”

Our aim is to build the largest privatley owned recruitment business in the UK. Our purpose is to develop a market leading brand that represents quality and professionalism, with a personal touch and family values.

This will be achieved by adhering to the core values of the business, implementing and maintaining a policy of employee development and continuous improvement through change and innovation, aimed at our principal objective -total customer satisfaction.

Core Values

WINNING MINDSET – Dynamic, innovative & proactive, developing bespoke solutions to meet our customers' requirements and goals.

ETHICAL - Honesty and Integrity, Fair, Truthful and Just.

CREDIBLE – Global operator with 35 plus years’ experience within the UK market with reputable and referenceable track record.

PEOPLE FOCUSED - Treating people honestly and fairly, giving encouragement, support, training and adequate rewards.

CONSISTENT –Accredited processes that are quality driven, coupled with professionally training and certifications, to deliver a higher standard of service all the time.

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Proman recognises that its operations have an effect on the communities and environment in which it operates. In light of this, Proman is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner, supporting a number of local communities and social / charitable causes, as well as running its operation in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Charitable Donations Policy

Proman is committed to supporting charities that make a real difference to our local community, and as such we particularly support those that include care for the sick and the disabled, youth and children and medical research.

With increasing requests for contributions and donations to various charitable organisations and initiatives, the Directors of Proman have decided to commit to certain organisations on an annual basis. This guarantees the charity organisations and/or initiative meets our standards. Therefore in response to donation requests, PROMAN will instead offer to make contributions to our preferred charities on the behalf of the requesting organisations, and not directly to the subject charity or initiative.

However, Proman is also dedicated to the formal relationships we have with our clients and have budgets in place to support charitable initiatives on application from those Clients who have a current Partnership Agreement with Proman.

We do not give money to individuals, religious, ethnic or political groups or third-party fundraising. With all the donations we make, Proman aims to be a responsible member of the local community.

The organisations Proman and our Employees are currently supporting directly via individual and team fundraising platforms are:

Alzheimer's Society

Macmillan Cancer Support

Save the Children