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The Brexit transition period is almost over for the UK, raising questions regarding visa arrangements and the application deadline for the EU Settlement Scheme.

To ensure we can provide support for our EU and EEA candidates throughout the transition period and beyond, we have been reaching out them to gain an understanding of how many are planning to remain in the UK post-Brexit and if they need advice or assistance in applying for the EU Settlement Scheme. 

We recently conducted a survey of our EU and EEA the results were overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the UK:

  • 99.32% plan to remain in the UK
  • Of those who haven’t applied for the Settlement Scheme yet, 88.8% would like support with their application

As part of our commitment to our candidates, we will be hosting online workshops and webinars that will focus on guiding candidates through the EU Settlement Scheme application process. If you would like to take part in these workshops, you can register your interest by filling in the form below.

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Resources to help navigate the EU Settlement Scheme and the application process:


 Videos with translated subtitles can be found here



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Click here to visit the UK Government's help page for the Settlement Scheme

Click here to visit the UK Citizens Advice page for the Settlement Scheme