It is easy to make a mistake on your CV and even more difficult to repair the damage once it has been sent to a potential employer. Here are our five most classic mistakes and our expert advice on how you can avoid making them.

#1 Ready, set, format!

CV’s that are difficult to read immediately turn employers off. On average a CV being reviewed in just 6 seconds so be careful with too much formatting - one font is adequate.

#2 Profile photos

They waste valuable space, without adding any value and generally put you one step closer to the no pile. Employers are interested in your skills and experience not how nice your smile is.

#3 Not checking it

Not all of us are perfect with spelling and grammar, if that’s you take your time and don’t leave it till the last minute. Remember there are no excuses for spelling mistakes, speaking of which, spell check. Spell check right now!

#4 Unnecessary detail

Concentrate on the highlights and where you made an impact. Common practice is that a CV shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages long, think carefully and ensure all the detail is relevant.

#5 Lacking keywords

Keywords are essential, in the competitive world of recruitment employers ‘Ctrl F’ through your CV to find the key skills that are required. Applying online? It is even more relevant as your CV will probably need to contain the right keywords before getting through to the next stage.

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