The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union has led to a number of risks associated with the future trade relationship between the UK and EU. This includes questions regarding the movement of labour across the English Channel, visa arrangements and the EU settlement scheme.

We have a robust, flexible Brexit strategy with contingencies for the possible different results of these negotiations. The Proman application process now includes requests for “Settlement Status sharing code”; which allows Proman to check the status on the gov.uk database as part of our candidate compliance checks. Therefore, we have the right systems in place to to ensure we are fully compliant when placing someone into work.

Now we have a more focussed timeline, Proman have begun a comprehensive social media and communication campaign with our workers and candidates to educate and offer support in the post-Brexit immigration system. This includes surveying EEA candidates who have not applied for the EU Settlement Scheme to identify where we can offer support, and to monitor the percentage of our workforce who are planning to remain in the UK.


Recent results from our survey* show:

  • 99.3% of respondents are planning to remain in the UK
  • 81.6% of respondents have already successfully applied for the EU Settlement Scheme
  • 88.8% of those that still need to apply would like support in applying for the EU Settlement Scheme

*We surveyed over 3000 people, in 5 different languages to capture the highest response rate

Proman will also be organising onsite workshops to facilitate and support workers to register on the scheme, if they have not done so already. If further help is required, their dedicated account manager is available to provide support on a 1:1 basis. We will continue to send out these surveys to new and existing workers that haven’t completed it to understand their positioning and whether they need our support.

Proman senior management will also continue to monitor developments and attend all appropriate seminars and training support as a new immigration system is developed. As always, we will continue to communicate and consult on all changes with our partners as they occur.

Please click here for further details on applying for the EU Settlement Scheme or to view the details of our webinars.

If you would to discuss the impact Brexit may have on your business, please give us a call on 0808 164 2923.

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