Meeting face-to-face with a prospective employer for the first time is important, therefore it is crucial you take a deep breath and focus. You know your perfect for the job so it’s vital you prepare for the interview, don’t let your nerves and pressure get to you.

This month we are helping you with our top 5 tips cringey things you should try to avoid blurting out in an interview.

#1. I won't let you down 

Ding, ding, ding, alarms bells going off everywhere! This gives the interviewer the impression you will let them down, instead provide examples on how you work hard.

#2. I tell you what it is, is

We hear this one more than you would imagine. This is not a grammatically correct statement, need we say more!

#3. I am desperate for work

Be confident! The word desperate suggests you don’t value yourself so why should they.

#4. To be honest

You should always be honest in an interview, saying this implies you have been lying about something.

#5. I am looking for more money

Employers want to know that you are a driven individual that enjoys working in that particular industry. Try to avoid discussing money unless brought up by the interviewer.

Have you said anything in an interview you automatically thought – I should not have said that! Share your #TopTips with us on twitter @HEADSRecruit



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