You will probably already be aware that there is a shortage of engineers in the UK. Therefore, engineers stand a very good chance of being employed compared to other professions. But, that still doesn’t guarantee that you will walk into a job straight from your university exam hall.

However, with the right mix of research, planning and action, you can make yourself very attractive to companies who are desperate to find the right people to make their businesses grow.

Here’s some advice on how to find and secure your first graduate job in engineering:

Be prepared to work on a contract

Companies rely on contract engineers on a one-off basis, depending on the size and time of the project they need completing. Many companies have long-term project needs but don’t have the budget to hire permanent employees due to the ever-changing industry.

The more flexible you can be in terms of location, working hours, working environment and contract, the more opportunities that will be available to you. Highlight your flexibly in your CV and application form.

Many projects can go on for several years or lead into other projects, meaning contract/temporary staff can stay with the same firm for a number of years.

Carry out work experience

If you have found yourself out of university but still not managed to take your first step on the career ladder, why not undertake work experience.

Carrying out work experience and taking part in engineering related extra-curricular activities gives you skills and experience that will allow you to stand out to potential employers as well as giving you hands on experience that allows you to choose the right sector to work in.

Often, undertaking long internships or work experience placements and making a good impression on the job can lead to full time employment.

Don’t just look for big companies

Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs in companies you really want to work for.

In the UK, there are a whole host of engineering companies that are also some of the largest in the world. But, don’t forget about the smaller companies.

Often when you apply for larger firms, you’ll be pitching yourself against fierce competition. Smaller companies are often in the supply chain of larger firms allowing you to gain a real insight into the industry, allowing you to challenge yourself and gain valuable experience.

Don’t give up

Working in the engineering sector can be a competitive and challenging industry. Don’t be disheartened when you don’t find employment straight away.

Finding a job doesn’t have to be hard work. There are many recruitment companies such as ourselves who specialise in full time, contract and temporary positions in some of the world’s leading engineering companies.

We are trained to deliver a comprehensive service to you. We represent you and your interests sensitively, ethically and respectfully, register your details and we can do the rest!

Whether you are a candidate looking for the right position or an employer searching for the perfect employee in the short, medium or long-term, Proman are there for you throughout the recruitment process.


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