Polar Bears are huge, fascinating, fantastic animals that prowl the Arctic and have adapted to the harshest landscape on earth. On International Polar Bear Day, here are some tips we can take to help you adapt to your workplace:

Polar-Bear-Blog-2.jpg1. Focus on Your Best Skills

Polar Bears are good swimmers but to hunt they take advantage of their formidable strength on land to snag its food as it surfaces, rather than try to swim after it. By using your best skills creatively, you can reach your goals.

2. See things As They Are

Did you know that Polar Bears do not have white fur, but transparent fur that reflects the light of the sun? It is often the case in the workplace that problems are not as they appear, and the way to

3. Prepare for your environment

Polar bears survive in one of the most inhospitable places on the planet with a thick layer of insulation, strength and creating shelter in the freezing snow. The more preparation you make for a major task or piece of work, the better it will turn out and the happier you will be.

4. Trust Your Instincts

Polar bears can smell their prey from up to ten miles away and can also trust their eyesight and hearing when on the hunt. When making a difficult decision, along with seeking advice from experts and doing your research, don’t forget to trust your expertise and your instincts.

5. Focus on Details

Polar Bears are highly intelligent hunters, and aware of themselves and their environment in order to hunt, to the point that people often thought they covered their black noses whilst hunting to stay camouflaged. If you pay attention to the little things people often miss you will be ready for anything!

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