How To Choose The Engineering Job That’s Right For You


There’s an overwhelming number of engineering roles, companies and sectors out there to choose from when job hunting.

There are many types of Engineering roles out there, from construction, oil and gas, mechanical to electrical and nuclear. The roles are vast and varied, some engineers spend their days in an office designing or developing code for software or apps, and others are out on a building site, an oil-rig or the middle of the sea.

Engineering degrees, unless they are very specific, are likely to have given you a whole host of skills and training, and a huge range of options to consider alongside that. As a result, many skills learnt are transferable to each individual sector within the engineering industry. Although, this can make career choices seem extremely overwhelming and the thought of job hunting seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be.

We have put together a guide on how to pick the engineering role that is right for you, to help you to narrow down your options. Here are our top advice:

Decide what you want from your career

You may not know which kind of sector or engineering role you want to go into, therefore, it might be worth thinking about the skills you can bring to each sector. If you are highly skilled and experienced in one type of industry, you may develop and climb the ropes a lot quicker than you would in a role you hadn’t experienced before.

Personal choices will also play a big part in your decision, many engineering sectors require you to work in a range of different locations and relocation is often a given, however, this isn’t the case for all sectors. Think about how far you’d be prepared to travel for your dream job. Flexibility and open-mindedness will open the door to a lot of options during your job search.

Look to the future

When deciding on an area of engineering that is right for you, it’s worth considering how the sector or industry is evolving and if that is the right move for you. If you would like an engineering role that is vastly different on a day to day basis then you may want to consider a job in the electrical engineering, and if you like structure and to work on a longer project then construction may be the role for you.

Each sector comes with a range of career levels, if you would like to climb the career ladder in the future, it’s important that you not only pick a role that you have the most skills and experience in, but a role that you have passion for and an interest in.

Don’t commit to a specific discipline too early in your career

Take the opportunity to work in as many different engineering sectors as possible to build up on your skills and experience and enhance your CV.

Gaining practical experience in a range of sectors is a big step to increasing your knowledge of each individual sector in engineering.

Use professional and specialist recruiters to gain insight into a role

HEADS Engineering help both graduates and experienced engineers to gain employment, whether it be permanent, temporary or contracted. Recruitment companies, such as HEADS Engineering, are a good resource for finding information, career advice, and figuring out which sector will suit you best, and more importantly finding the engineering role that is right for you.

If you are a candidate looking for the right position in the short, medium or long-term, HEADS Engineering arethere for you throughout the recruitment process, contact us today.

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