As the country prepares to celebrate the King’s Coronation on May 8th this is a question many of our customers have asked us for advice on in recent weeks. With the extra bank holidays being implemented we understand that there can be confusion caused for agency workers on whether they should receive additional holiday entitlement and what the procedure is surrounding additional bank holidays.

Unfortunately, there is not a once size fits all approach on this and we have helped our clients with a selection of approaches. It of course depends on the type of contract workers are engaged on, contract wording around annual leave, and if a business chooses to pay for annual leave beyond any legislative necessity.

Here at PROMAN we are experts in our field and can give accurate advice, based on current legislation and work with our partners to navigate situations like these in a way that is aligned to their business values and strategy.

If you have questions on how to navigate this with your agency workers, we know it can be tricky and would like to offer a free consultation with industry experts to help overcome this confusion. To speak to one of our experts call 0808 164 2923 to find out more about contracts and bank holiday entitlements.

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