Although it may feel counterintuitive, being rejected for a job can actually be a positive experience. Use the opportunity to learn from your mistakes, grow and move forward.

blurred-background-cellphone-coffee-842554.jpgDon’t take it personally

Unfortunately, we can’t get every job we apply for, even when it feels like the ideal role. It’s easy to take job rejection personally, but it’s important to realise that interviewers are looking for something very specific, and are tasked with reviewing many candidates.

Ask for feedback

When you get a call informing you of the unsuccessful outcome of your interview, take the opportunity to politely ask for any feedback. Gaining insight to what did and didn’t go well will help you to improve ahead of your next interview.

Address your weaknesses

Using feedback from your last interview and your own reflections, make note of any ways you can improve your performance. Check out some of our other articles, such as interview advice and how to make a great first impression to help you understand how to present your best self.

Accept it and move on

Once you’ve addressed the feedback and understood why you were unsuccessful, it’s important that you accept the situation and move on. Take some time to relax and improve your mood, so that you can go back into your job search with a fresh, open and motivated mindset.

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