About the job

Our client is involved in the design, development, formulation, manufacturing and contract packing of Personal Care products. They have exciting future with plans to grow the business dramatically over the next 5 years and  wish to build a culture around enthusiastic, dynamic and motivated employees that wish to drive excellence, quality, integrity and energy into the work place.


Job Description


Job Title:              Machine Operator 

Reports to:          Supervisor (Direct), Production Manager (Indirect), Operations Director (Indirect)


Duties / Areas of Responsibility:

·         Works as a part of team to achieve the production goals for the line on a daily basis

·         Completes operational tasks in line with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

·         Monitors equipment to ensure that products are assembled within specification

·         Works as a part of team to ensure workstation is clean and free of hazardous materials at all times

·         Addresses problems with production equipment and machinery and fixes them as needed

·         Cleans equipment and ensures

·         Where necessary, assembles products by hand with care

·         Inspects assembled products to ensure they are up to quality standards are upheld

·         Packs up completed products and prepares them for shipment

·         Adheres to all safety guidelines dictation the production and handling of materials in the factory

·         Ensures that all production deadlines are met and targets achieved to the best of his/her ability

·         Reports issues or problems with production to immediate supervisor

·         Possesses physical strength and stamina required to stand, walk, and lift for long periods of time

·         Possesses physical dexterity necessary to assemble small and delicate product parts


Pay Rate: This job will be full time and payed at an hourly rate of £8.47 per hour with overtime payed at £10.59 per hour after 39 hours.

Hours of Work: 8am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday with wages payed weekly.

Experience is desirable for this role not essential and candidates from other fields will be considered.


To apply please call 0161 746 8167 and quote 'Leyland Machine Op'


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