About the job

Job Title: Assistant Warehouse and Logistics Manager
Location: Leeds
Salary: Up to £35,000 DEO
Hours: Monday to Friday - 8am - 5pm


Role Responsibility:

The role of Assistant Warehouse and Logistics Manager will support and shadow the incumbent manager for periods of absence, training, who is responsible for managing and overseeing the Warehouse business operations, this will include Staffing, packaging, goods inwards & outwards, bespoke production, machinery and grounds maintenance, Quality control and systems maintenance, HR for the dept, OH & S, & LEAN improvements, and budgetary cost management.


The Candidate

·         Experience of managing a team within a warehousing or manufacturing environment (minimum 5 years' experience of management)

·         Ability to build strong relationships with key stakeholders at all levels.

·         Good level of commercial acumen, supporting an understanding of the impact of operational decisions on the performance of the business.

·         Solid organisational skills with the ability to manage workload and work to deadlines.

·         Demonstrate accountability and ownership of work duties and activities, carrying them out with accuracy, integrity, and customer focus.

·         Be an effective multi-tasker and collaborative team player, with clear communication and interpersonal skills.

·         Display confidentiality, tact, and diplomacy always.

·         Demonstrate commitment and flexibility.

The Role

The Assistant Warehouse and Logistics Manager will be responsible for:

·         Plan work daily and ensure their team has done their daily plan.

·         Plan week and team's week to ensure that projects, VIGS and big rocks get done.

·         Hold a weekly Team Focus Meeting with department whereby the following will be covered.

·         Team issues that need to be considered.

·         Weekly VIG or main target, and report on the previous week's progress.

·         Health and safety reminder, no more than 5 minutes on one of the H & S topics relevant to the department.

Minutes of all meetings are to be made and stored, and a copy forwarded to the partner responsible.  Emails should be marked with importance 'High' if there is an action point that the partner needs to deal with.

·         Weekly one-on-one meeting with each member in the team.

·         Monthly meeting with each member of staff.

·         Responsible for the health and safety in their department and ensure that health and safety issues are safely dealt with, and that guidance is sought how to deal with issues that they cannot directly sort themselves.

·         Attend the Monthly management meeting, having provided before-hand a list of issues which they intend to bring up.  The subjects to be submitted are:

·         Team issues that need to be considered affecting most teams.  N.B. specific issues with a specific department would be best sorted out at a specific meeting to save team time.

·         Progress report on the team VIG since the last meeting.

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