With Black Friday attracting more and more consumers each year it is time to get set and plan early.

The stock has to be on the shelves or in distribution centres ready for the eager British consumer to leap. Failing to prepare for Black Friday can result in a loss of profit.

Read our top tips this month on employing the right candidates:

#1 Start recruiting now

It's never too early to start sourcing your seasonal workers - you should definitely be posting positions now. The earlier you start the wider the selection of good candidates, allowing you the chance to cherry pick those candidates that are most suited to your requirements.

#2 Write a detailed job description

To make sure the right candidates are applying for your positions, it's important to have a clear job description. Provide full and relevant details, list your expectations and all the skills and experience required.

#3 Background and check references

It is in your best interest to always check a candidate’s reference. It's vital with permanent employees, that you confirm potential employees have the relevant skills, professionalism and attitude you require.

#4 Hire for work ethic as much as ability.

A reliable workforce is as important as a skilled one. It is essential that temporary workers you hire are flexible, dependable and remain focused throughout the work.

#5 Sell your seasonal job

Communicate to your candidates what makes your company a great place to work. Do you offer employees more money if they work overtime or night shifts? Employee benefits on offer that can be a great way to entice the top quality candidates.

For more information or to discuss any current or pending vacancies within your team for this peak season, then please contact info@proman-uk.com.