In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses need to ensure they get value for money and employing the wrong candidate can be an expensive mistake to make.

Businesses may be templated to hurry through the hiring process to ensure they get the best candidate before they are snapped up. While it is true that the market is extremely competitive making rash decisions creates something worse – making a bad hire. Businesses should ensure they take the time read references this will help to avoid any surprises.

According to the CIPD they estimate the average cost of recruiting the wrong person can be up to £12,000 – do you have that sort of money to waste?

What’s more the costs isn’t purely money it’s a least 3 more components.


The pace we are working at in today’s world everyone has to take their own share of the responsibility, if people aren’t performing or working well together standards and sales are at risk of dropping.

Managing poorly performing employees can be a drain on managers time which could lead to conflict between the new hire and existing staff.


It is very difficult for the team to stay upbeat when one team member requires so much attention. An already full workload can increase which leads to frustration and burnout as employees are forced to pick up the slack. Often having to redo work that wasn’t handled properly in the first place leads to other members of the team being disengaged or dissatisfied.


Managing a poorly performing employee can be very time-consuming, when a team member isn’t living up to expectations you are constantly checking work, correcting mistakes and redistributing tasks they aren’t able to complete.

This extra time can take a lot out of a manager’s day and week, taking them away from their regular job role and important projects.



There is no denying that hiring mistakes cost money, but when you consider all the factors a bad hire can make, it is important to be careful and efficient in the recruitment process.

Take time and invest in a proven recruitment process that harnesses talent – through evaluation, transition and procurement.


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