Our performance and growth in 2018 would not have been achieved without retaining our talented team across our branch network.

We all know that employees are the most important part of any business, so here are some tips on how to retain your star performers:

1) All new recruits and existing staff need regular communication from their Manager/Supervisor.

This allows employees to:

  • Have clear expectations
  • Understand their earning potential
  • Get regular feedback about performance
  • Provide a framework within which the employee perceives he/she can succeed

2) Employees must have the freedom to speak and put forward ideas within your business. Having a voice means employees feel like they can make a difference.

3) Tools, Time & Training – your employees should be given the tools, time and training in order to do their job effectively and advice your customers. At Proman we run internal & external training courses to develop our internal employee’s industry knowledge.

4) Career Path – Employees need to see opportunities within your business. As your business grows your employees can with it. Here at Proman we have experience significant growth over the last 20 years which (combined with our UK expansion) has led to promotion opportunities and career progression.

5) Your staff members must feel rewarded, recognized and appreciated. You could run quarterly recognition schemes as we do or reward a strong month’s performance with a team networking event. Our last winner enjoyed an all-expenses paid trip to Lisbon!