There is nothing more important than a happy, healthy and productive work environment. It allows for more quality work to be produced in a short space of time, as well as reducing the amount of time spent on unnecessary tasks. Here are 5 ways you can improve the work environment and optimise the productivity of your workforce.

Be Efficient

Evaluating how your business is operating and being open to the potential changes that could be necessary to get the most out of your employees is always a hard task. However, by implementing a structure for each employee’s day can encourage jobs to be completed on time and to a high standard.

Reduce Distraction

Although implementing a no-phone policy sounds like a good idea, in reality, it just isn’t practical. We all know that social media can be a huge productivity killer and the urge to check your phone during the day is too hard to resist. For this reason, encouraging employees to turn off their phones but take regular breaks that allow them to check their phones will ensure that the time spent working is more productive.


Delegating work is questionably one of the hardest yet most important factors in increasing an employee’s sense of achievement and direction. By empowering your employees through delegation, it improves morale and job satisfaction. Although some see delegation as a negative over fears of losing a job or looking incompetent, in actual fact delegating correctly can lead to your own success and increased efficiency within your team.

Hire Happy Personalities

Every member of staff that you hire has a major impact on your working environment, and although hiring the candidate with the most experience and the highest level of education is an appealing option, it is not always the best.

As workforces move towards becoming more flexible, passion, attitude and enthusiasm are far more beneficial for a company than ever before. It is important that the candidates are hired to offer a unique perspective and sync well with your existing team. This allows for diversity and contributes to a healthy and functional working environment.

Show That You Care 

Having employees who think they are not cared about happens more than we may like to believe. It happens in every industry and workplace across the globe. It’s a harsh truth that we have to face, employees won’t care about a company unless they feel their goals and achievements are important to you as an employer. Research shows that 80% of employees who feel their intentions, hard work and results are recognised are motivated to work even harder.

Your overall work environment hugely affects an employee’s performance and productivity. You have to decide what does and doesn’t work for your company but the end goal is the same, your employees need to be motivated and happy for an enjoyable and productive working environment.